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The Florida government has always made an extra effort to  help low income families. Be it providing them financial aid or free of cost medical assistance, the government has always been around to stand by the poor, elderly and disabled people. With a program called “Access” Florida, the government has taken some serious steps towards helping state residents who may be struggling in one way or another.

This Program is a special project taken by the Florida government. Through this program, the State provides food, economical and medical assistance to the people who are qualified as part of low income or disabled group. Low income people can use the online site to apply for food stamps and they can easily get food assistance in many cases. Elderly, disabled and pregnant ones are eligible to apply for their medical assistance program where they can have complete medical coverage. If you feel that you might be eligible for this program, then you should take the steps needed to apply online. The official access Florida website provides FAQ’s if you are considering applying, read through them to make sure that you are eligible to receive benefits from the state. Website Services and Programs:



  • As an applicant you should have a social security number
  • In order to complete the entire form you should have some important documents with you and those documents are Social Security Number, income information, resource or asset information, housing expenses, health insurance information, proof of US citizenship and identity for US citizens. These documents would proof whether you are actually eligible for this program or not.
  • If you are immigrant then you should show proof of immigration.

Step by step guide to register for the ACCESS Florida program:

  • Check whether you are eligible for this program or not.
  • Go to the official site of the program
  • There you can see a button marked “Prescreening” and click this and there you will have to answers a couple of questions and then click the “Submit” button  and see whether your threshold is eligible for it or not.
  • Now you have to go to the website again and click “Apply For Benefits” to get all the assistance.
  • Read all the directions very carefully and then click to “Continue” button to proceed to the next step.
  • Now you need to choose “Apply For Benefits” and select which program you want to apply Food Stamps/Cash Assistance/Medicaid/HCBS/Waivers or Nursing Home Medicaid Coverage.
  • Now complete the form with your personal information and submit.

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