Activate Your Tracfone Account Online

TracFone is the leading prepaid wireless provider in the United States. Many Americans opt to use TracFone because it offers a no-contract, no-bill policy. This policy appeals to those who do not want to commit to paying monthly dues. It also attracts customers who want to own and maintain a cellular phone affordably.

Because of the sheer number of people using TracFone’s services, assuring customer satisfaction can be a difficult but nonetheless very important task. This is why TracFone encourages its patrons to complete the TracFone Customer Satisfaction Survey. This survey is designed to gather feedback on customer satisfaction from TracFone’s patrons.


You can access this survey when you activate your TracFone online at their official website. This survey was created by TracFone to ensure top-notch service for its customers at all times. Through this survey, you can express your honest opinions regarding TracFone’s service and products. By doing this, you are working toward greatly improving TracFone’s services. In turn, this means a more satisfied customer base and a more satisfied you!

Why You Should Take The Customer Satisfaction Survey

  • Taking the survey would be taking your first step in helping create a better cellular prepaid provider for you.
  • Your suggestions, opinions and ideas will be taken into serious consideration.
  • It is easy, fast and hassle-free. In only a few minutes, you would have contributed to the improvement your cellular prepaid provider.
  • You are assured that your feedback will be received and put into good use.
  • You will eventually experience a better and improved TracFone because of the feedback you provided the company.

Requirements To Take The Survey

  • You must own a TracFone cellular device.
  • You must activate your TracFone online.

Steps In Activating Your TracFone And Completing The Survey

  1. Go to
  2. Once you are on the “Activate Phone” page, click on the radio button next to the “Activate my TracFone with a new number or reactivate my TracFone” and the press the Submit button below.
  3. Under “New Online Customers” click on the register link and enter all the information required under Personal Information. Fill up the Account Information portion as well.
  4. Choose your security questions from the dropdown menu and fill-up their respective answers.
  5. If you already have a phone number, type in your TracFone’s serial number in the TracFone Number box. If you do not yet have a phone number, select the “I don’t have a phone number yet” option.
  6. Press the Submit button to finish activating your TracFone.
  7. Complete the Customer Satisfaction Survey by entering the required information and accomplishing the survey.

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