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Who doesn’t know the crunchy, super delicious taste of fried chicken of KFC? When it comes to having fried chicken, the first name pops up in our mind is KFC, which has been one of the most popular destinations for enjoying chicken for more than 70 years. The magical blend of herbs and spices applied to the fried chicken has made this brand highly popular among the chicken lovers wordwide. Right now KFC boasts 15,000 outlets in 105 countries all over the world and the best part is that one can easily have a complete family meal at a very reasonable price.


Now the question is what is the customer survey which is known as “Tell Us About Your Visit- KFC”.

The opinions and suggestions from customers play a significant role for a restaurant and like all others restaurant businesses KFC also believes in the importance of this and a survey could be the best way to get the personal suggestions and opinions from each customer. They have a particular page in their website where you, being a customer can easily express your personal opinions by filling the survey form. The entire survey information helps them to expand and improve their foods and operating service so that they can provide the best assurance of customers’ satisfaction.

After finishing the entire questionnaire you can easily take part in their online sweepstakes and get the opportunity to win $1000 instantly.


You need to have a computer with decent speed of internet.

Step by step survey guide:

  • The first thing you have to do is visit the home page of the website: www.mykfcexperience.com
  • You will find a resent receipt there and you have to fill that receipt with all the required information like store number, date, time, and ticket number.
  • Now you have to answer all the questions asked in this form, put your personal opinions. The questions will range from highly satisfied to highly dissatisfied.
  • Once you are done with answering all the questions, it’s time you should submit the survey form and you will automatically be entered into the sweepstakes where its possible to win $1000 prize.


8 thoughts on “www.mykfcexperience.com – KFC Customer Survey

  1. the customer service in drive thru was wonderful and i had a nice expierence with the young lady however, i ordered the mash bowl $5.00 meal and there was hardly any corn too much cheese not enough chicken (i wish they still used popcorn chicken) and it was flat out cold. not warm, but cold.

  2. my experience was horrible tonight i placed my order at 5:29 and my took 45 minutes to arrive the worst experience i have ever had i will never again visit
    another kfc again

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