Activate Your Cricket Phone

If you brought a cricket cell phone recently then it is time to activate your cell online now and start having fun. The Cricket communications is a new and attractive concept and you can activate the cricket products online. If you activate the cricket online successfully, you can get access to all types of cricket products and services such as Cricket Paygo services and the 3G wireless internet.

The process is very easy and convenient. If you have basic knowledge about the mobile phones and internet, you can activate it quickly. You only need to spend a few minutes to complete the entire process and you will be guided by the company throughout the process. You just need to follow all the instructions given by the company while installing and once you are done, you can get access to all the services.

cricket phone

Overview of Cricket Telecommunications:

Cricket Communication which is also popular as Cricket Wireless was started in the year 1999. Cricket Communications is a US wireless service provider and the total number of customers of Cricket Communications is around 7 million. Apart from that, it also provides various telecommunication products to the customers which include 3G wireless internet services etc.

Process to activate the Cricket cell phone online:


  • The first thing you need is a mobile device which can support the cricket cell phone online. You should also have a working internet connection.
  • The second thing you should have is the Cricket serial number which is available in the product

Step by step guide to activate the Cricket cell phone online:

  • First, log on to the Then click on the picture you can find in the left side of the page which will redirect you to the
  • Then, you need to click in the button stating “Activate Now”. After that, you need to choose the service from the services list. Once you confirm the service, you need to click on the “Activate Now” button to proceed.
  • You should follow all the instructions carefully. You need to enter the serial number, personal information and then select a plan. After these are done, you should click “Next” to confirm the payment information. If you have any query then you can go to the Cricket Support Page in the website.
  • To know more, log on to